Apr 17, 2014


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April used to be the "Farewell" month in my high school. The student committee would end up organizing a rather inept pre-graduation party for the senior year, possibly because we could only raise a very small amount of money for that. The budget was low hence they expected us to come up with high plans. It wasn't easy. 9 years ago, he stood in the balcony just outside our class with his head hung low and smiling at his friends, the real kind of smile. His friends were up to some mischief, like always. They had a reputation to live up to. They wanted to make him proud. You don't become the school's 'bad boy' just like that, you have  to work for it. He used to play the drums. He used to love music. He used to wear rimless-framed glasses that made him look far more good than he should. I looked at him and he looked like full moon on a stormy night, the kind that makes you question the spectacular allure of the night sky. My teachers warned me about him. "He is bad news", they said.

"Won't you dance?", he asked, his brows furrowing, curious why I decided to stand outside the hall.
"Uhhh, I guess not. I'm not much into sweat, bad dancing all around me and even worse music", I said.
He chuckled, "What's your name?", "Well, I have to go back inside. They are waiting for me."

He came to know what I felt about him, three years later. It was too late then. My feelings weren't the same any more, well neither was I. However I knew, I have always loved the dark and the sky on a stormy night.
[Pictures by Jhuma B]

Apr 12, 2014


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I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met. I'm always drifting away from things. My heart constantly desiring for change. This is something I've got from my mother, really. She's a wanderer at heart. She is consumed by wanderlust, having spent her whole life learning about new things and meeting new people. I figured it was a time for some spring cleaning in my life. This online journal of mine; The Diary of Rupsha B went from being "Glitter And Blush" to "Lovesick Lilac". I got my own domain and it seems like a pretty good start. I clean my desk every 8 hours and I wash my hands every 10 minutes. I keep doing a thing over and over again until I feel like it's perfect and even then I'm not satisfied. I'm not sure if it's the sign of an early OCD or whether my friends are right and I'm just really controlling(I would like to say that I'm just organized) or is it just a sign of being an extremely moody painter amongst other creative qualities. I didn't write an inspiration post for so long, it seems. Had to include the Cobain family somewhere in there. They hold a special place in my heart, it's probably a 90's kid thing but I love them a lot, always have. Well, there's one thing that has never changed.

Apr 4, 2014


Pictures via
Nasty Gal. Editing by me.
I hardly do wishlists but when I do it normally features maximum items from Nasty Gal. I am not going to get started on Nasty Gal because everyone I know, pretty much drools(or cries) over their items. What people don't know is that they have an amazing team with really sweet and polite people. Anyway, keeping it short, here are the few things that I have been absolutely in love with these days. 1. Eye Can't Tee, 2. Cameo Terrible Lover Bomber Jacket. 3.Reverse Juicy Fruit Skirt. To see their recent lookbooks and new arrivals, click here. Also this is my crap-iest collage ever. I'll be back with a new and better post soon. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend ahead.

Mar 27, 2014


DSC05220DSC05238DSC05227-horz I got a new camera, so people won't hear me complain about picture quality as often as they used to[crowd cheers in the background]. For someone who's not a big fan of so much "colors", this is a pretty big hindrance. Sometimes I think it has something to do with the country I live in. India is a flamboyantly vibrant country and my poor soul is always in search for neutrals. Anything that has got to do with black, white, ivory and taupe. Mostly like my outfits, it's always in black or white. On a more music-related news, my favorite tune of this week would be The Script- Millionaires. Actually make that whole week into the rest of my life. The Script is life! I don't have much to say this time or maybe I have too much. However for just this time, I would spare you guys all my life-details and for once let's just all talk about the purple lipstick, shall we?[This post was edited later and new pictures were added. Pictures by Jhuma B]

Mar 23, 2014


Pictures of Zoe Suen via Fashiononymous
Everyone who's well aware of fashion blogging or even knows a thing or two about the fashion blogging world, definitely knows her. She a 17 year old student who currently lives in Hong Kong, works as media consultant for American Apparel and probably serves as a fashion icon to many-many people. She is definitely one of the best dressed teenagers out there. Truth to be said, she has a better sense of fashion than most fashionista'-adults too. Quoting Electric Seekki here, "That girl's got style. Not in that "look at me and and all the labels I'm wearing" kind of way, anyone can do that instead Zoe oozes unique personal style and class". Yes it's true, she can make a plain white t-shirt look rad! Apart from being such breathtaking and inspiring blogger, she is also a gifted artist/painter. Her Instagram(and has over 66k followers) is filled with fun-moments and it would only make you love her more, the way she appreciates life and lives every moment. It truly makes you look at your life in a different way. If you're in the blogging world and you don't know about her and her blog Fashiononymous, then you definitely should. ASAP!

                                    I have often wondered how many people started blogging because of her, my curiosity took the best of me and I tweeted it. True to my thoughts, a lot of people said that they did in fact start blogging because of her. I did too, she was in fact one of those very few reasons why I started blogging. I came across her on Teen Vogue and clicked on her blog URL link. Things have never been the same since then. I fell in love with blogging, I feel in love with life and fashion. I am a painter and I started painting when I was 2. Due to some unfortunate turn of events, I had to discontinue it for 3 years. She made me start painting again. She inspires me and she still does, one day at a time. Thank you Zoe.

Mar 19, 2014


I like the idea of Spring. I pretend that it's that time of the year where everything is just fresh and cheerful. I pretend that I'm out on a road-trip with my friends, winds flowing through my hair; with my favourite pair of Raybans and somehow magically supplied with unlimited amount of iced-coffee. I dream of just going out and taking pictures of anything and everything. Imagination is what keeps me sane. My friends are all working or they are in their final year of Uni, everyone is hard at it with life. There's no 'spring' in our country. we directly end up into summer after winter passes by. Hence imagination is what keeps me sane. It always felt like nothing was changing one day at a time, yet when I look back, so much has changed. I like change, change is persistent. Change makes me happy[on that note, tune of this week for me is Pharrell Williams- Happy]. I decided to do a post on things that I've been using a lot lately. 1.I had that watch since middle school and I've never gone a day without wearing it. 2.Elizabeth Arden bronzer, 3.eyelash-curler from Claire's because it's the best thing I own, 4.Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, 5.Maybelline colour tattoo(because it's next to amazing), 6. Maybelline Baby Lips, 7.Rimmel Scandal eyes 8. Body mist because it's my main survival item and Teen Vogue because it's the reason why I started blogging in the first place. Oh and there won't be any outfit posts for a while, I guess because I am in this location-rut. I will keep posting new stuffs over here, though. (I edited this post and changed the picture so some comments might not add up.)